Danielle + Greg

Danielle and Greg just moved to town so we wanted to find the perfect spot for them. Danielle fell in love with the architecture at the Dallas Arboretum so we spent a Sunday afternoon strolling about the different gardens, joking about taking pictures with pumpkins and searching for waterfalls.  These two were the right kind of laid back and friendly and we got along swell.  Please enjoy their sweet engagement session.


Dennise + John

I fell in love with this couple the moment we met.  They drove up from Austin to Pilot Point, TX, a small Texas town an hour north of Dallas, just to do their engagements. They were game for anything and they had the such high spirits the whole time.  I drove to Austin on a hot August weekend to shoot their wedding. It started at a beautiful Catholic church in Buda and ended at Le San Michele, an exotic and rustic venue with a house made of white and gray stone and acres of beautiful gardens and trees.  Dennise and John share so much laughter and joy.  I don't think she ever quit smiling. Even in the Texas heat, everybody had so much fun eating BBQ, dancing, and sharing the day with such a wonderful couple.  


McKenna + Nathan

McKenna and Nathan had a gorgeous wedding at The Brooks at Weatherford in Weatherford, Texas.  She had the sweetest smile and presence and he looked at her like there was no other person in the world.  It was such an honor to document their day.  Take a peek at all the special moments and beautiful details of their wedding. 

Morgan + Joseph

Morgan and Joseph had the most beautiful wedding. It was a photographer's dream.  Morgan wanted a woodland fairy wedding and her mom created just that for her. Scroll down to see this gorgeous wedding. 

Ashley + Ben - An engagement at White Rock Lake

I've been excited to meet these two since Ashley booked me back in the winter. Her fiance's name is Ben and my husband's name is Ben so we are same name couples.  So exciting.  Ben and Ashley were engaged at White Rock Lake and they are also having their wedding at the Filter building on White Rock Lake so it was only appropriate to photograph their engagements there too.  We had a lot of fun walking on the trails and finishing in a beautiful field of flowers. Texas in full bloom is so gorgeous.  I love being able to capture it with my couples.  

Diana + Randall - A wedding in Fort Worth

Diana and Randall have an incredible story. Their journey has much suffering and tragedy but they were able to come together in spite of hardship. Diana's husband passed away many years ago from a brain tumor when her daughter was very young.  Randall was her daughter's godfather and remained a big part of their lives throughout the years.  In the past few years, Randall's wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and recently passed away this past year. Diana was there for them through it all.  I felt so incredibly touched and honored to witness this couple say their vows and stand in front of their dear friends and family who knew their story and become one.  It was such a moving and powerful experience.  Please take a look at this beautiful wedding styled by their friends and family. Diana also made the macrame used in their ceremony.

Sarah + John - A wedding at The Grove

Oh my gosh! There's so much that I loved about this wedding and this couple. First of all, they are the cutest couple you will ever meet. They were high school sweethearts and so so in love. They had the prettiest colors that complimented the gray wedding day. These two had style and they were so much fun!  I finally got their pics up on the blog so take a look! Oh, and one more thing: The groom's name is John Snow. He says he is the original so he likes it.

Venue: The Grove in Aubrey, TX

Dennise + Juan [An engagement in Pilont Point, TX]

One of my favorite things to do is to place beautiful subjects in front of not so appealing backgrounds. It creates a hauntingly beautiful look I just love so much. It isn't often I find couples who like this style just as much as I do. Dennise and Juan drove all the way from Austin to explore the ghost-town-like town of Pilot Point, TX and it's surrounding areas. We walked around the many abandoned buildings and drove to an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. I love seeking adventure and everything unique so this was an incredibly fun shoot for me. I posted a few photos from their session below.  Please enjoy. 

Emilie + Peter [A wedding at Stone Oak Ranch]

So I am a little embarrassed to explain how I met Emilie but I think it is a big part of our story so I'll go ahead and do it. One Sunday afternoon I was in a coffee shop with my fiance and I was totally eavesdropping on a couple of girls' conversation. They were talking about wedding planning. I decided to be rather bold and hand a card to Emilie as I was leaving. Obviously to make sense of what I was doing I had to let her know I overheard her conversation.  Well, lucky for me, she liked my portfolio and I became her photographer. So, moral of the story is, go with your gut, but I am not promoting listening to other people's conversations. 

Emilie and Peter's wedding was such a gorgeous winter wedding in the woods outside of Tyler, Texas at Stone Oak Ranch. Most of Emilie's family came in from England. It was a small, intimate wedding with perfect weather and light. The ceremony was short and sweet and everything else was delightful from the sentimental toasts to the fun baked potato bar to the s'mores outside after sunset. I had such a fun time and I am so happy Emilie and my world came together that Sunday.  Please enjoy some photos from their wedding.

Noel + Christopher [An engagement at Highland Park]

I really didn't have to do much prompting as these two posed in front of the camera. The chemistry between them was off the charts. We all had fun laughing and strolling around gorgeous Highland Park in Dallas. It was a perfect, warm January day in Texas. They couldn't have made my job any easier.  

Maryann + Lance [An engagement at White Rock Lake and The Grape]

Can I just say, I just love these two.  I hardly know them but we had such a fun time just walking around White Rock Lake at sunrise last week.  Lance is hilarious and Maryann is so sweet and patient.  I had so much fun just hanging out and laughing with these two. I knew at the consultation they were going to be fun. After a serious interview, Lance told me they had one more make or break questions for me. I think it was something like, "If you could have a song every time you walked into a room, what would it be?" I don't think I will ever get a question like that again. I'm glad I passed. I can't wait for their wedding this spring!

Alison + Michael [A wedding at Red Barn Events]

It was a perfect gray day on Alison and Michael's wedding day which doesn't happen very often in Texas. When I arrived Alison and I had the whole venue to ourselves. In the back of the big red barn there is a sweeping forest and an old beat up abandoned barn. I'm a sucker for old buildings, especially abandoned ones so this place wouldn't have been more perfect in my eyes. Alison and Michael have known each other a long time. They are a sweet, laid back couple and it was a breeze working with them as they celebrated their love in front of their friends and family.  Please enjoy some pictures from their beautiful day.

Danielle + Jeremiah [An engagement at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve]

Nothing really beats Texas in the fall.  We started out by trying to create a photo where Dani caught Jeremiah with a fishing pole.  It is a long story and I didn't include them but it was fun and hilarious.  Afterward we just went on a hike and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery and sunset while taking some pictures. These two have great energy.  Please enjoy photos from our session. 

Jessi + Mitchell [An engagement at Brooks at Weatherford]

The fog from the early morning still rested upon the grass as I pulled into Jessi and Mitchell's wedding venue right at sunrise. I don't often get to shoot sunrise shoots but I love when I do.  The light was incredible this lovely morning. The venue is gorgeous fields full of hay bails, a beautiful old church, flower gardens, fountains, water, swingsets... pretty much anything you need to make a great engagement photo.  I had so much fun with these two.  Please take a look at their sweet engagement session.


Venue: The Brooks at Weatherford

Grace + Dave - A wedding at Stone Crest Venue

Grace and Dave flew in family from all over to attend their wedding in a small Texas town. Their wedding was sweet, simple, and elegant. It was decorated with soft pinks, greens, and white. The ceremony spot overlooked a valley saturated with greenery from all the rain that fell this year. After the two said their "I dos" they changed into traditional Korean wedding outfits and celebrated a traditional style ceremony with their family. Afterward the dance party began and these people liked to get down. The dancing went on all night long and not a single person held back.  Even their grandparents stepped on the floor for a minute or two. Please check out more of this couple's gorgeous wedding.